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Dogs, Rescue, Agility and Animal Welfare


Kris and Chris believe that Agility is not a one size fits all kind of sport.  Having the ability to be creative in their training to suit the individual needs of each dog and handler are extremely important in how they shape the lives of their own performance dogs, rescues and their students dogs.  In a sport where fractions of a second can put you on the podium or way down in the pack, relationship and good training should never be compromised. 


Agility for sport dogs is vastly different than Agility for rescue dogs.  For Rescue dogs, it's life changing, it reduces anxiety and aggression, it builds confidence in a dog that was failed by our society. It opens them up to a life of exercise with a problem solving purpose to work through their issues. 


All of their foster dogs have been trained in agility for no other purposed than to redirect behaviors that are not conducive to living with humans.  Through this training the dogs change at rapid pace.  They are not forced into the confines of strict obedience where they don't understand of what is being asked.  Through pure free shaping foundation agility behaviors, the foster and rescue dogs learn that they are reinforced through their own choices and therefore their is no stress in the training.


 Dogs and companion animals have been a part of our lives since childhood and rescuing animals was how we grew up.  There was always a place for a tattered soul to rest their weary head when they came to live with us.  Rescue changes the life of the ones left behind, the ones deemed not worthy to be care for.   We believe that rescuing should be part of anyone who can spare

Agility and the Rescue Dog
Agility Rescued Me!
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