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Kris and Chris offer limited group classes throughout the year at Bratty Paws Dog Plex in Punta Gorda, FL

Kris and Chris offer foundation levels for puppies and young dogs all the way through the Masters/International Level.

At Sun Coast Agility, we focus on the dog's complete understanding of the skills we are teaching.  All training is based off of positive reinforcement using operant conditioning.  Student's are taught how to shape desired behaviors using a clicker paired with reinforcements your dog loves.   No correction training is allowed and not correction type training tools are allowed at Sun Coast Agility.  Learning should always be a positive experience for the dog and human. 

Classes offered throughout the year:

Foundation Agility for puppies and young dogs

Foundation Contact Training

Weave Pole Mastery

Foundation Jump Techniques

Foundation Handling & Skills

International Handling & Skills

Novice/Open Sequencing

Open/Masters Sequencing

Novice Handling and Course Work

Intermediate Handling and Course Work

Masters/International Handling and Course Work

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