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For the first time, Kris and Chris will be offering online   Due to their extensive travel schedules, they are often away for weeks at a time and in order to keep our students connected, our online classes will help supplement our students throughout the United States and Canada.


Online classes will be open to everyone and we are looking forward to offering this new method of learning and sharing our knowledge and love of this sport.


SCA local students are allowed to work the online exercises at SCA Training field as part of the class.  All exercises that will be posted from our online classes will not require a full set of equipment and focus more on skill work so if you don't have access to a lot of equipment, don't worry, there is so much you can do in a small space with limited equipment.


Kris started her agility career while living in an Apartment in NY and would bring a jump and weave poles up to the roof top of her apartment building.  She also taught for 12 years in some very small spaces throughout Manhattan. 


You can accomplish a lot and train great skills with a little creatively and inspiration. 


All online classes will be run through this website and Facebook. Stay tuned for more information. 


Sending in your videos for Kris and Chris to coach you will be part of a working spot in each class. 


Stay tuned for some fun online learning to keep your skills advancing to the highest levels.     

September 2017 - Lead Changes and how to effectively change your dog's path

Kris and Chris have teamed up with Agility University to offer a class on lead changes and look forward to class starting in September 2017.

Class Description:  Don't know exactly where your crosses should be to create the most effective lead changes for an efficient line, this course will delve into how dogs move and your handling impacts your dogs lead leg and turning abilities on course.  Often our handling is timed poorly or in the wrong place and we sent our dogs off course not even realizing that it was our error, not our dogs.  In this course we will demonstrate where your crosses should be so your dogs run fast and efficient courses without multiple and unnecessary lead changes. 

September 2017 - Agility Foundation for a Fantastic Future 101
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