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Featured Videos of Kris and Chris

Kris & Anwar

Kris Seiter and Anwar at the 2017 World Agility Open in Ermelo, Netherlands. Anwar is bred from Kris and Chris' breeding of War and Flame.  At 3 1/2 years old, Anwar won his way on to his first world team. Anwar earned an individual bronze and a team bronze.


A soft and sensitive dog, Anwar had to first learn that making mistakes was perfectly ok and part of the process of agility.  Training Anwar to run as fast as he can but with direction has been a bit of a challenge, but his maturity and confidence continue to surpass Kris' expectations. 

Anwar has come a long way in his confidence as he powerfully glides through an agility course.  Kris is excited about his agility career and continues to fine tune their training together. 

Chris & Bratska

Chris and Bratska compilation of the 2015 European Open Championships in Rieden, Germany.  The European Open was held at an Olympic Equestrian Event Center on a sand surface.  The temperatures was in the mid 90's proving to be a challenge for all dogs and handlers.  Luckily coming from SW Florida, Bratska regularly trains in the heat and humidity. 

Chris and Bratska have represented the United States at World Events 4 times at 3 different events.  Bratska has a strong herding lineage and as much as she loves agility, she is a natural at herding. 

Bratska is an agility partner that makes up for all your short comings and has the uncanny ability to keep to make adjustments on a split seconds notice.

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