Sun Coast Agility boosts a 12,000 square foot natural-turf training field. With safety for our sport dogs as our first priority, our field is sod of the highest quality.  The agility field has been raised about 10" from the exercise area allowing for maximum drainage in the tropical season.  The sod is aerated every six months to keep it healthy and leveled with golf course sand yearly to provide the most even surface possible.  


At Sun Coast Agility, we work hard to maintain the safest possible training surface that an outside environment can offer.  The sand leveling also provides an added layer of comfort for the handler and a soft enough surface for the dogs on landing. 


It can be very hard to train and handle your dog when you are worried about your footing resulting in cautious handling.  If your dogs slips or lands hard, they will no longer run as fast as when they first started their training.  Due to the tightly wound grass blades and the short pile, dogs are able to dig and grip with complete confidence therefore running with extreme speed.  This is the type of agility that dogs love, the ability to go as fast as they can all while working as a team with their handler. 

Here at Sun Coast Agility we start all puppies outside learning from the beginning that distractions are just part of the process of learning.  We avoid a sterile environment from the beginning so the dogs learn to stay with their handlers without gates and barriers.  Dogs also learn that when they are on the field playing happens with the human and not the other dogs which is a vital lesson in creating a great performance dog.  Of course social play is allowed at the end of puppy class, but after the dogs are tired and in the exercise area. 

Another offering is our dog pools where the dogs learn from the start that when they get hot, it's time to swim.  Often the release to the pool is a greater reward than toys and treats as the dogs realize the comfort they receive from the water.  Equally important is teaching the dogs that swimming is a must if you live in SWFL as we experience hot weather most of the year.

Sun Coast Agility offers standard competition grade equipment with full size contacts.  All our contacts are adjustable and can be lowered to the level you are working on.  We upgrade the rubber on our contacts every 2 years or as needed due to the Florida sun so your dogs traction is never compromised. 

We have a covered crating area and crates for you to house your dogs if you don't want to work out of your car. An exercise field on the North side as well as next to the agility field, small and large dog pools and ample parking.  Training aids are also available in the trailer next to the crating space such as cones, stride regulators, puppy wobble boards, fit balls cavaletti's etc.. When you are done, put return those items back to the trailer.   

Sun Coast Agility training field holds a special place in the hearts of our students.  It's beautiful, it's stress free and most importantly, it's a place to spend quality time with your dogs. 

Field Rentals to current Sun Coast Agility students
Field Etiquette

Sun Coast Agility Field Rentals are $25 per hour for 1 person up to 3 dogs, 2 people $35 per hour up to 4 dogs.  Sun Coast Agility Field Rentals can be used for small groups on an as available basis.  Any level course can be set by Kris or Chris for your practice time up request. 


Generally two (20 obstacle) courses will be available to run at the masters/international level.  If you do not want a preset course for your rental, let us know.  If no course is set, you then are allowed to move any equipment around to your liking.  All SCA students will receive the gate code for entry to the field for their rental times and we suggest keeping the gate closed for your dogs safety.  You are welcome to use the property to exercise your dogs. 

To book a rental time, email us at

Field Etiquette is very important to us.  All dogs have accidents on occasion and that is understandable, however, we strive to keep the turf as pristine as possible for everyone's use.  The field is not a potty area.  We ask that when you are walking a course that your dogs are not left unattended on the field.  Please put them in the crating area or keep them crated in your cars. 


The turf is very susceptible to urine and dies within 24 hours if not watered down extensively.  If an accident happens, mark the spot and use the hose or bucket to thoroughly water down the urine spot.  We sincerely appreciate your diligence in making sure your dog has pottied before working on the field.  There are over 3 acres to walk and potty your dog. 


Secondly, if possible, please do not allow your male dogs to mark the canopy, landscaping or any structures.  The fencing on the edges of the property are fine.  If this happens, please hose off where they went to the bathroom.  There is a receptacle provided at the field for any garbage you may have. 


Thank you for taking care of this field for all of us too enjoy and we will continue to strive to keep it in the best condition possible.

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